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I always been interested in music and electronics. A few years ago I started to build DIY Synthesizers. This page shows what happend so far. have fun watching! kHz-tone
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Prototype: The 16 Step Sequencer based on Arduino Uno

Hi, this is my current project, “The 16 Step Sequencer”. The Hardware is almost done and works. There are 3x 74HC595 Shift-Registers for the 17x LEDs, 3x 74HC165 Shift-Registers for 24x tactical switches (it’s possible to add more of both Shift-Registers for more In- and Outputs. A 1602 LCD is connected via I²C and also 2 24LC256 EEPROMs. A CD4050 connect the SD-Card Slot to Arduino. At the top-left you can find the Midi-Interface with 1 In and 1 Out. read more...